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Preparing for Your Stay

Pre-admission Phone Interview

Prior to your admission to Good Samaritan Medical Center, you will receive a call from a patient registration representative who will gather information for your medical records and answer any general questions that you may have. If you have not heard from us two days before your admission, please call the patient registration office at 508-427-3049.

What to Bring With You

Be sure to bring insurance or health plan identification cards with you whenever you visit the medical center. You can bring your own nightwear, slippers, robe and toiletries. Bring a list of your medications with you, but unless otherwise instructed by your physician, do not bring any medications from home. Your physicians will prescribe any medications you may need during your hospitalization. Please do not bring electrical appliances that require the use of wall outlets. Cell phone use is allowed in the medical center except where the phone might interfere with patient safety or in areas where sensitive equipment is used. You may also bring battery-operated items, such as a razor, a small radio with ear phones or a powered toothbrush as long as recharging is not required.

Personal Possessions

Bring enough cash with you to buy reading materials or items from our gift shop. Please keep large sums of money, jewelry, credit cards and other valuables at home for safekeeping. Good Samaritan cannot be responsible for these items. If you do bring valuables with you, notify a representative in the nursing department so that these items can be placed in the medical center's vault until your discharge.


In order to provide the safest and healthiest environment for our patients, visitors and staff, smoking is not permitted inside the medical center or near entrances or exits.

Health Care Proxy

There may come a time when, because of an illness or accident, you are not able to make decisions about your own care. Therefore, it is important that you evaluate the kind of care you would like to receive if you were unable to make these decisions and to state your health care wishes while you are healthy.

Good Samaritan Medical Center encourages patients who are 18 years of age and older to complete a health care proxy form, which allows you to choose a health care agent - a person to speak on your behalf if you become incapable of taking part in planning your medical care. Massachusetts law requires that all patients be given the opportunity to complete a health care proxy form.

Patient registration will provide you with the medical center's health care proxy brochure upon your admission. If you would like to review a brochure prior to your admission, call the patient advocate at 508-427-3214. We encourage you to discuss this issue with your physician, nurse, social worker and those closest to you.

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