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Nutrition Services

Clinical Nutrition Services

Clinical registered dietitians are available daily to assess the nutritional needs of acute care patients using prioritized levels of care.  Recommendations are made for the appropriate nutritional therapy based on the patient’s needs.  Patients are also seen by a dietitian when consulted by a physician for diet education and/or nutrition intervention.

Community Nutrition Services

In addition to inpatient nutrition involvement, the dietitians work in the community to present a wide variety of nutrition topics to small groups. The dietitians provide updated nutrition information to the community including all ages from children to senior adults. Topics include fad diets, fiber intake, portion control, and ways to increase activity, among many others.

To contact the inpatient nutrition department, call 508-427-3128.

Outpatient Nutrition Services

A registered dietitian is also available by appointment to counsel children and adults on an outpatient basis for a variety of nutritional therapies, including weight management, eating disorders, diabetes, cholesterol management, as well as other conditions requiring nutrition intervention.  To make an appointment, call 508-427-2665.  A physician referral is required for these services.

Nutrition Department
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Outpatient Nutrition Services
Good Samaritan Medical Center

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