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Keeping People Healthy At Work

Occupational health is a specialty of preventive medicine concerned with maintaining and enhancing the health, safety and performance of employees in the workplace. Employers have discovered comprehensive health and prevention programs offered by Good Samaritan Occupational Health Services to be essential in maintaining a productive work force. Both employers and employees benefit directly from programs that promote good health habits. Decreased workers compensation costs, reduced absenteeism, prevention of illness and injury, and increased productivity are all results of a comprehensive program.


Good Samaritan Occupational Health Services, an affiliate of Good Samaritan Medical Center, has been providing quality, cost effective occupational health care to employers in the Massachusetts since 1983. Our mobile medical unit also offers these valuable services to employers located throughout New England. A few of our most comprehensive services are:

  • Pre-placement examinations
  • Injury/illness treatment
  • Work hardening/work conditioning
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Fitness for duty evaluations
  • Substance abuse testing
  • DOT physicals
  • Environmental exposure exams
  • Occupational medicine consults
  • Travel medicine
  • Corporate stress management
  • Police and firefighter physical
  • Acupuncture
  • Chronic patient resolution program

The Foundation of Our Work

We build our relationship with all of you on the foundation outlined by the following nine points:

  1. Confidendtial and excellent medical care for all injured workers are key.  All financial consequences flow directly from this.
  2. Continuous and up-to-date communication with the employer and insurer is fundamental to returning an employee to his/her job expeditiously.  It also nurtures the relationship between us and our clients.
  3. Almost all workers who claim on the job injury are legitimate.  They are also eager to return to work.  Many are frightened at the prospect of a serious and painful injury that would have a profound impact on themselves and their families.
  4. The doctor-patient relationship is crucial to good medical care.  It is instrumental in returning an injured worker to the job.
  5. In most cases, a non-surgical approach to injuries is correct, with tremendous cost savings.  These cases include spinal disc herniation, shoulder and knee tears, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  6. A holistic and comprehensive approach must be applied.  The prevention of future injuries is paramount.  Company managers should be enlisted and adapt the work site for maximum safety.
  7. Excess weight and cigarette smoking are obvious health risks.  They affect the industrial accident/worker’s compensation burden profoundly.
  8. It is in management’s best interests to invest in their employees’ health.  A healthy workforce will lead to significant decreases in injuries and illnesses. This leads in turn to fewer workers’ compensation claims and lower health insurance premiums. It is equally in an employee’s interest to see that their improving health helps the company succeed. They must not drag the company down by their poor health lifestyle habits.  Therefore, management should provide a means for employees to improve their health.  This helps lead to an improvement in living standards, the work environment, loyalty and to profitability.
  9. Job specific, pre-placement physical examinations are important.  This helps to ensure that a person is not placed in a job beyond his physical abilities, thereby preventing a future injury.

All The Ingredients For Continued Successful Practice

Good Samaritan Occupational Health Services has all the ingredients for continued success of a growing practice. It offers two expansive parking lots, one in front and one behind the building This is especially important for many of our clients who represent the trucking industry. The lots can accommodate many 10- and 18-wheelers.

Inside the clinic, you will find more than 10,000 square feet of clinic space, which is nearly four times the average size of a typical occupational medicine practice. The main waiting area is very large and there are 10 examination rooms. The clinic is divided into two halves, which is part of the initial design. This was done to streamline the process for expedient patient visits without compromising quality of care. One half of the clinic is equipped to accommodate walk-in service such as substance abuse testing, immunizations and audiometric testing. The other portion is designed for scheduled visits such as injury care, acupuncture, physical examinations and travel medicine visits. There is also a separate reception, waiting and treatment area for those client companies coming to Good Samaritan Occupational Health Services for substance abuse testing where a large volume of these tests are performed each year.

We offer both same day result drug screening and DOT/SAMSHA drug screening. Client company employees will also benefit from our large physical therapy and rehabilitation services or "Integrated Rehabilitation," as it is known within the clinic. It encompasses, physical therapy, work hardening/work conditioning, acupuncture and the capability of providing work place ergonomic assessments.

“Our clinic has a great deal to offer our clients”, says Robert P. Naparstek, MD, medical director.

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For more information, contact:

Ted Harrington
Program and Marketing Director
Good Samaritan Occupational Health Services
75 Stockwell Drive
Avon, MA 02322

Clinic Phone: 508-427-3900
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Fax: 508-427-3905


We are conveniently located south of Boston on the Avon/Stoughton line at Route 24, Exit 19B.

From Route 24, take Exit 19B Central Street. Turn right at the first set of lights onto Stockwell Drive (Merchants Park entrance). You will see the Christmas Tree Shop on your left. Good Samaritan Occupational Health Services is located just ahead on the left in the Merchants Building at 75 Stockwell Drive, across from Home Depot.


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