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Thoracic Surgery

Our team of thoracic surgeons at Good Samaritan Medical Center specializes in procedures that focus on treating diseases of the lungs, and the health of your lower airway.

One of the procedures thoracic surgeons at Good Samaritan Medical Center perform is a bronchoscopy. This procedure allows a surgeon to pass a tube attached to a video camera, called a bronchoscope, into the lungs and assess the health of the lungs and your airways.

This procedure may be used to:

  • Identify the cause of an airway problem, including difficulty breathing, a chronic cough or bleeding
  • Diagnose lung diseases
  • Diagnose and determine the extent of lung cancer
  • Remove objects blocking the airway or evaluate and treat growths in the airway
  • Take tissue samples when other tests show problems with the lung

Another procedure the thoracic team at Good Samaritan Medical Center performs is called a thoracotomy. This procedure allows our surgeons to treat lung disease or lung damage. Our surgeons perform many of these procedures thoracoscopically, in a minimally invasive way using a tube attached to a camera. If a surgeon is not able to use this minimally invasive process, an open incision will be made through the chest wall to treat a patient’s lung condition. A thoracotomy is usually performed to treat a lung abscess, lung cancer or other lung conditions that sometimes form in emphysema.

Thoracic surgeons at Good Samaritan Medical Center also perform pacemaker insertions.

To find a physician and make an appointment, call 800-488-5959.

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