Good Samaritan Medical Center to provide free screening for oral, head, and neck cancer

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good Samaritan Medical Center, a part of the Steward Health Care System, and ENT Specialists, Inc. to offer free screenings for Oral, Head and Neck Cancers.

Good Samaritan Medical Center will partner with ENT Specialists, Inc to offer FREE screenings for Oral, Head and Neck Cancers on Tuesday April 29, 2014 from 5-7 PM at the offices of ENT Specialists, Inc. located at 35 Pearl Street, Suite 200, Brockton. 

“Oral, Head and Neck Cancer is the sixth-most-common form of cancer in the world,” stated Eric Wojcik, Director of Oncology Services for Good Samaritan Medical Center, “with over 50,000 cases being diagnosed annually in the US Alone.  Early detection is critical to treatment as 50% of people with head and neck cancers have very advanced cases by the time they first see a doctor.” 

This is a cancer that arises in the head or neck region, including the nasal cavity, sinuses, lips, mouth, thyroid glands, salivary glands, throat, or larynx (voice box).  Tobacco (including smokeless tobacco) and alcohol use are the most important risk factors for head and neck cancers, particularly those of the tongue, mouth, throat and voice box.  Eighty-five percent of head and neck cancers are linked to tobacco use. People who use both tobacco and alcohol are at greater risk for developing these cancers than people who use either tobacco or alcohol alone. (Source: National Cancer Institute)

Signs and symptoms include, but are not limited to:

• Sore in the mouth that doesn’t go away
• Sore throat or trouble swallowing
• Change in voice
• Growth or swelling in the neck

“By offering these free screenings in the community we hope to help educate the public about the risks as well as offer preventative measures,” Wojcik continued “the screenings typically last about five minutes, are non-invasive and painless.” 

“This program is a true partnership and we would like to thank the physicians of ENT Specialists, in particular Drs. Jagdish Dhingra, Russell Shu and Dennis Snyder, for the time they volunteer to support cancer outreach and the community benefits mission of Good Samaritan Medical Center,” said Monique Aleman, VP of Physician Relations, Business Development and Communication.

There is no charge to attend the screening but attendance is limited so RSVP’s are required. Please contact the Steward DoctorFinder at 800-488-5959 to register for this FREE event .

The mission of Good Samaritan Medical Center's Community Benefits Council is to support the hospital in implementing the annual Community Benefits Plan, and to work collaboratively with community partners to identify and address some of the many health and wellness needs of our communities through research, discussion, maximization of community resources, and implementation of health and wellness programs and initiatives. The council also reviews needs assessments and annual plans, and helps guide and monitor the implementation of programs.

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